Welcome! Sub Cult Press is an online art gallery & clothing company promoting the designs of Scott Cole. Visit the blog section for more information and updates.  If you have ideas for visual content you’d like to see produced let us know. Leave your thoughts in the comments section or insights of contemporary art today. Check out the gift shop for posters, prints, t-shirts, hoodies and more. All products on this site are print on demand and quality made. Enjoy.

Short Bio : Hello, My name is Scott Cole. I’m an artist from New Haven CT, USA. In 2018 I created Sub Cult Press as a platform to be able to sell my artwork and merchandise to prospective buyers. Throughout my career I’ve created in painting, illustration and sculpture. I take a lot of inspiration from the urban and classical art scene. When I was eight years old I won a poster contest and $100 dollars from all the schools in the city. Whether a blessing or a curse this incident implanted in me a artistic destiny of sorts. I’m not gonna give some superficial spiel about how great my art is and all that nonsense but I try to express a simplistic tranquility and depth.  We are all not as prolific as we’d like to be in our life pursuits but we like to think that one day just maybe our work can be our legacy.


Scott Cole