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Welcome to Sub Cult Press, an art gallery designed to promote the artworks of Scott Cole and other artists. It has been a vision for years and it’s great to finally have it in fruition. We enjoy creating art that conveys depth, tranquility and imagination. We also create portraits celebrating artists and interesting people and depictions of American and world culture. Maybe Rothko and Hopper were the last great American painters with depth but that’s another discussion.


When we look outside in the winter we can see the natural color compliment of blue snow and yellow sky exhibiting the brief and beautiful end of the day. Original is 22.5 x 35.5 in.


Searching the record store basement archives for that long lost forgotten treasure of sound is a blissful exploration for the disc jockey.


Inspired by Henri Rousseau’s “The Sleeping Gypsy” I saw a vision of Arabian traders journeying across the Sahara on their way to Baghdad. Original is 24 x 34 in.

Short Bio :

When I was eight years old I haphazardly entered a middle school poster contest and surprisingly won first place. Not just in the school but in other schools in the city as well. They gave me a ribbon and 100 bucks. I remember blowing all the winnings the next day at a toy store.  Despite other and more practical accomplishments throughout life that day burned into my psyche as the most accomplished of life. I had art shows in high school and people would offer to buy my work and some even stole it.

Some of our art isn’t meant to convey visual appeal but simply an idea or statement. We like to cross the urban with the classical. We chose the words “Sub Cult” because we like to create art that’s semi-non main stream. Some of it could be even considered a little bit dark and subversive or even banal.

What is the direction of 21st century art? They now have algorithms that paint pictures. We think technology could sure use a “chill phase”. I don’t think Marcel Duchamp intended for his art style to saturate the western art world for the 20th and 21st centuries. We prefer the classical and mythical. If we can can capture your eye and take you somewhere, tell you a story or give you some emotion¬†for a few seconds we’ve succeeded.

Leave us a comment or your thoughts on today’s contemporary art, ideas or questions and we’ll be sure to respond. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


Scott Cole


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